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40 Metres is completely dedicated to all things Amateur Radio that incorporates many features including its Marketplace
for the sale and purchase of anything Amatuer Radio related.
Aimed at private and business sellers alike 40 Metres supplies the tools to sell and buy on the marketplace.
If you have equipment you need to sell or maybe you are thinking about your next rig or antenna then 40 Metres is the place for you.
Sell and buy in a safe environment with verified seller/vendors and verified members.
40 Metres offer state of the art selling tools where you can build your own market pace easily.
Join the 40 metres network to day to meet old and new friends with lots of great features.
Open up any groups you like, maybe for a contest or club the choice is yours.
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DX Commander

MASSIVE FAIL! CQ DX – The Fun of Radio

I spent 2-hours calling CQ for about 5 contacts. However, some big DX in there but no VK ...
DX Commander

Funny Shaped Antennas and ATUs

Let's talk about why you hardly ever need an ATU and the effect on shape has on HF ...

RADIO HAM: Impedance Matching L-Network and ATU’s. A cutie for Insomnia

After 6 attempt at making this upload, I have decided to just simply upload what I have ...
Ham Radio Crash Course

Is The TN07 MyGo2 Antenna A Dummy Load? LETS FIND OUT!

There have been many comments and questions alluding to the Go2 antenna being a dummy ...
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