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40 Metres is brand new so please go easy on us!

40 Metres is a newly built FREE to use Worldwide Amateur Radio Hub that incorporates a whole host of cool features with many more to come.

On this About page we detail what is currently available and what is coming so please take 3 minutes to give it a read and then why not SIGN UP today as a 2021 founding member.

40 Metres

Member Profile

40 Metres

As a member of 40 Metres, you can build your own profile using your CALL SIGN as your URL (CLICK FOR EXAMPLE) and don’t worry if you currently don’t have one it can be changed later. Your profile provides a wide range of features so you can create and established Amateur Radio home for yourself.

One of the most important parts of 40 Metres is its Verified Member ecosystem that show a Blue Tick on member profiles that confirm they are verified Amateur Radio operators and we use various means for verification. This is especially important for our Marketplace that allows the buying and selling of Amateur Radio equipment to give increased safety to buyers and sellers alike whit who they are dealing with.


Once you are a member of 40 Metres why not build a group for any Amateur Radio related topic, club, net, event, or hub. Groups can be Public, Private or Hidden and you have total control over what happens.

Why not check out the World Wide Ham Radio Group or go to the domain that has been forwarded to a group UKHamRadio.co.uk


40 Metres

Built a group? why not give it a forum! Adding a forum to your group is super simple and you can add other members as moderators etc to help out as things get busy.

You can also make forums private if you are running a contained entity so you don’t have to worry about intrusions from non related members .

View Example

40 Metres Marketplace

The 40 Metres Marketplace offers anyone the opportunity to buy and sell Amateur Radio items in their own state of the art selling space.

The Marketplace again uses the verified Vendors eco system that allows a seller to be a verified Member and verified Vendor giving your customers greater confidence to buy from you, but this also allows Vendors to see who they are selling to.

The Marketplace is one area of the Hub that charges for its use but as a private seller it is completely free to open a shop, list your items for sale and you only pay a fee when it sells.

The Marketplace is open to Private and Business sellers alike and News and Used items are fully expectable so if you have items that you have wanted to sell then why not open a shop today and clear it all out and then buy something new!


Please read our Terms & Conditions prior to becoming a Vendor.

40 Metres

Business Vendors

40 Metres already offers automatic increase in product exposure with its extensive links directly into other marketplaces and social media driven responses. You place a new product for sale and it immediately gets pushed out for sale not only on the 40 Metres Marketplace and platform but many others.

40 Metres is based on the Woocommerce e-commerce platform and for you as a vendor we offer a superb suite of tools for you to build great products. 

As a Vendor it is important to get paid and we currently use Paypal Split Payments so you get paid directly and we will soon be adding Stripe as payment method to.

So, if you are a retailer, manufacturer or wholesaler why not try the free subscription today and see what is on offer!  

40 Metres

Join Today And Get Selling!

£ 0.00

Private Seller

10% Vendor Fee Per Sale
PayPal charge per transaction £0.30

20 Products
30 Days
£ 9.99 /month

Small Business

6% Vendor Fee Per Sale
PayPal charge per transaction £0.30

50 Products
In every 1 month
£ 14.99 /month

Business Pro

4% Vendor Fee Per Sale
PayPal charge per transaction £0.30

Unlimited Products
In every 1 month
How pricing works per transaction. 40 Metres combines the PayPal % fee into its packages to give better vendor profits.
  • Private Seller: £100 sale minus 10% sale fee minus £0.30 PayPal fee you get £89.70
  • Small Business: £100 sale minus 6% sale fee minus £0.30 PayPal fee you get £93.70
  • Business Pro: £100 sale minus 4% sale fee minus £0.30 PayPal fee you get £95.70
40 Metres

Need to upload your catalouge of products?

40 Metres makes it easy for any seller who has a large portfolio of products to cut out the heavy lifting.

Product building can take time but if you have them elsewhere and can either download them or transfer them onto a CSV file then it’s a few click to load them up for sale on 40 Metres.

Please download our demo CSV file to show the format required. If you use Woocommerce then this is even easier for you.

Vendors countries and currencies we are currently working with. This will increase shortly.


40 Metres runs Woocommerce as it’s shopping solution and allows the full upload of your inventory by CSV file. Strong and dependable and easy to use to help you sell.

40 Metres takes security very seriously and with this in mind we use PayPal as one of our payment systems. To be a Vendor on 40 Metres you need a PayPal Account. SignUp

Say goodbye to the ugly, manual processes that weigh you down.  40 Metres allows direct API connection from your account to create an unparalleled experience with every order. SignUp

Social Media

40 Metres employs direct synced post content to most of its social media outlets that drives greater sales for you products without you have to doing anything. 40 Metres has a larger social media roadmap that will be rolled out in the Autumn of 2021

Amateur Radio (HAM) Cryptocurrency

Amateur Radio Cryptocurrency (HAM)

40 Metres has issued its own Binance ERC20 Token (fully fungible) for use with inside the Ecosystem of the 40 Metres HUB

You will be able to use to redeem all manner of things including promotional material and products, Ham Radio creators exclusive content, access to special online events and much much but most importantly the Tokens will initially be given away 100% for free via competitions and other methods. 

At some point in the future the Tokens will be monetised against the success of the platform so if you have not yet entered a competition for free HAM then keep your eye out around the groups, forums and Learning Centre!

For full information on HAM please visit HERE

Coming Soon To 40 Metres

40 Metres will soon be implementing Stripe as its second fully automated payment systems giving greater flexibility for all our vendors.
Check back for updates.

Mobile Apps

40 Metres

40 Metres IOS and Android applications are ready and will be uploaded into the app stores shortly. They are free to use for customers.

40 Metres Amatuer Radio Logging System

40 Metres


40 Metres
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