Behind the Scenes – Underground Cable Install Day at DX HQ – Meet the Crew!

The DXC Construction Team digs out the trench according to the landowners wishes, lays scaffold tube and installs the Armoured CAT6, 2 x Messi & Paoloni ExtraFlex Bury, 8-core control cables and another CAT6 which is totally redundant – or could be used as a pull cord some day. The bed of the road is like rock and the scaffold poles laying on that, with the sand, don’t look like they are going anywhere quickly. In the event of a disaster, we could rake out the substrate to make a fix. Everything effectively has a spare, so I’m pretty happy. Thanks to Paul M7LAP, Tom, M0RMY, Ade M0UCK, Andy, G1AW, James M0YOM, Tony (just been issued M7MUL) and of course, Big Steve! Music from my Epidemic Sound account. PS – We do have diggers on site and my original request to dig down with heavy machinery was declined by the landowner, so we made the best we could with a) time allowed and b) budget. Cheers, Callum.

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