Best Beginner Ham Radios – VHF/UHF/HF – Livestream

What are the best radio to look at when you are starting out in ham radio? We’ll talk about that tonight!

4SQRP Cricket 40 (Upcoming live build!)

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Ham Radio Crash Course Podcast

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0:00 Welcome MEMES!
1:13 New Hosh Meme
1:30 Intro
3:00 Show topic, new to ham radio?
3:40 I was on TV – Phantom Signals
4:50 Upcoming group build! 4SQRP Cricket40!
8:52 What is the Ham Radio Crash Course about?
9:48 Best ham radio to buy – Slides
10:20 My approach on the radios
11:04 VHF/UHF radios
12:20 Satellite operations
13:45 The Baofeng
16:32 Some baofengs examples
16:50 Good Baofeng replacements?
18:02 Start with a better radio?
19:29 Good analog radios?
21:30 Good digital radios?
23:02 Podcast – Ham Radio Handhelp Cold War?
23:25 DMR Radio of choice?
25:02 YSF/WIRES-X Radio Of Choice?
25:52 D-STAR Radio Of Choice?
28:55 Satellite radio recomendations
30:44 Best radios for EMP?
31:05 Best mobile radios?
32:43 My mobile radio recomendation?
34:10 Good radios for packet radio?
36:10 VHF/UHF Base station radios?
39:24 HF Radio recomendations
41:30 Start with a base station HF radios
43:00 My pick for 100 watt base station
44:23 “Buy once cry once”
44:28 100 watt base station alternatives
53:30 Xiegu G90
54:40 QRP for beginners?
56:02 QRP recommended radios
58:35 Used radios can be a good deal
59:25 Buy used?
1:00:45 Good used radios to buy
1:01:40 Shrine of radio
1:02:50 Talking about the ICOM IC-705
1:06:40 Elecraft?
1:07:22 Websites for finding used radios
1:21:30 SUS FT-450D?
1:23:45 Questions?
1:30:15 Thank you Patrons!

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