First review of the Mobilinkd TNC3 for APRS on a budget

In this video I give my first impression of the TNC3 APRS and packet device (terminal node controller). The aim was to see if the improvements with the version 3 compared to 2 means that the hardware is more compatible with budget radios as well as connecting up to iOS devices.

I was impressed with the ease in which the device worked with my Baofeng GT3TP and it pulled weak APRS packets out of the RF.

I have not tested the battery life yet which is stated in the specifications as lasting up to two days receive only.

APRS is a very powerful mode for amateur radio operators, not only for the tracking features but also for communication purposes. The ability to send messages and data via VHF and HF is a key feature in emergency communications which should appeal to emcomm operators and those who prepare for SHTF and grid down situations.


I’m a licensed amateur radio operator from the United Kingdom. My YouTube channel features videos focusing on operating portable radio from various locations plus how to videos, tutorials, insights and conversations in the hobby.

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