Ham Radio Antenna Terms and Easy Homebrew Builds

PATRONS PICK! What important terms should you know about amateur radio antennas? What are some popular easy antenna builds you can do at home? Lets talk all about it!

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J-Pole Antenna Build: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pdiKu-V3J4

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Interested in a SlinkTenna? https://t.co/0Yn1xqafG0
What radio should I buy? https://goo.gl/LupLWz
Get an SDR? https://goo.gl/2tWPBS
How to program repeaters into your radio https://goo.gl/opr3P7
Go Digital: https://goo.gl/H6yg2B
Setup FT8 https://goo.gl/RMBRrW
Setup JS8Call https://goo.gl/E3hJmg
Setup PSK31 https://goo.gl/PULVQG
Using PSKReporter www.PSKReporter.info
Emergency preparedness: https://goo.gl/EKvnvZ
Satellites for ham radio: https://goo.gl/mtW9ab
What Mobile radio should I get? https://goo.gl/cPznGU
How to use APRS https://goo.gl/brWMTH

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