Home Studio Drum Cover Recording X-Air 18

Many of you liked this so I recorded dry with Shure Drum Mics via an X-Air 18. I recorded each mic onto Waves Tracks Live and then played all the tracks back through my X-Air 18 live similar to a virtual live mix, doing a final stereo recording into my PC. I then sync’d that track up with the three cameras in Adobe Premiere. A fun Friday evening project. I couldn’t do the final mix on the big speakers (Wendy went to bed) so I used headphones. My kick drum may be a bit wierd! I don’t know the track that well and it was a single-take so there are mistakes! I drum and record for fun. I’m not trained. I’m Self taught. Be inspired! Callum. PS – Just for Tom!
(Original Music – In Your Shade – Epidemic Sound)

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