KM6PRC & KM6PRA Live Ham Radio Wedding at HRO

The Ham Radio Outlet Store in Anaheim will host the first-ever wedding ceremony being transmitted over amateur radio airwaves on Saturday, August 17th. The ceremony is scheduled to begin at 9 am as longtime couple, Rose Vasquez (KM6PRC) and Marty Lloyd (KM6PRA) will exchange vows at their favorite Ham radio store and wedding venue-for-the-day, located at 933 N. Euclid Street in Anaheim, California.

All are welcome to attend the ceremony it is open to the public and free of charge. Guests can take advantage of free Krispy Kreme doughnuts and coffee as well as special “Wedding Day” pricing until 5:30 pm.

The celebration will be on the air on a simplex frequency available at the time of the ceremony, and sign the Guest Log Book while you’re here, enjoy cake and special doughnuts, and wait until you hear “Here Comes the Bride” sent at high speed CW.

Ham Radio Outlet is the world’s largest supplier of amateur radio communications equipment.

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Hank is the Ring Bearer

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