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Amatuer Radio (HAM) Cryptocurrency

Enter The 1 Million Amateur Radio (HAM) Cryptocurrency Competition!

Welcome to the world’s first Amatuer Radio (HAM) cryptocurrency competition.

Yes, you read that right, 40 Metres is opening it’s round of competitions to win genuine Fungible BNB (Binance) tokens that you will be able to use to redeem all manner of things including promotional material and products, Ham Radio creators exclusive content, access to special online events and much much more! We are a new website with members growing day by day so we want to give you something for being with us.

So how does this all work I hear you say!

To win the tokens first you need to complete the 40 Metres Foundation Super Quiz that has 90 questions and requires a 100% pass mark to be completed in 80 Minutes. The quiz is built all from the UK’s RSGB Foundation Syllabus so is a good test of your knowledge but is aimed at everyone.

So what do I need to do?

You need to enroll (FREE) to take the test and for that you need to be a member of 40 Metres. Once you are a member and have enrolled we can see your test results and everyone who manages to get 100% in the 80 Minutes will receive 10,000 Amatuer Radio (HAM) token to their wallet.

A wallet?? HUH YOU NUTS

Nope, it’s super simple to do and you just need a Metamask Wallet on your browser or even a Binance Wallet so we can send you your winnings to your address.

All winners will be announced on the 40 Metres UK Amateur Radio Hub Forum so make sure you become a member of that and once the 1 million has gone the Competition will be closed!

1 Million HAM Tokens Ready To Go!

Amatuer Radio (HAM) Cryptocurrency

For more information on the Amateur Radio (HAM) Cryptocurrency please visit this page HERE!

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