Lets send email over Winlink using ARDOP & WINMOR on HF amateur radio

Today we’ll look a setting up and using Winlink over ARDOP & WINMOR on HF to send email https://www.winlink.org/ You need very little to send email over amateur radio. A digital ready station and a computer is enough to get started. This is the Patron’s Pick episode for April, thanks everyone!

Winlink Website https://www.winlink.org/
Very handy blog to setup the ICOM 7300 for Winlink on ARDOP & WINMOR https://bit.ly/2I1SfIb

Get Ready for HOTA! hotels on the air: https://hotelsontheair.com/

Tom W5KUB is getting ready for HamVention: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbPtYe0kHh4

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Setup JS8Call https://goo.gl/E3hJmg
Setup PSK31 https://goo.gl/PULVQG
Using PSKReporter www.PSKReporter.info
Emergency preparedness: https://goo.gl/EKvnvZ
Satellites for ham radio: https://goo.gl/mtW9ab
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How to use APRS https://goo.gl/brWMTH

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