Mid week chat #4: Radio data modes, army radio, satnogs plus your comments

Videos coming up – 2 part series looking for bugout locations, woodland, hammock camping, bushcraft, amateur radio and NOAA sat weather which I’ve just started to piece together. I’m going to continue with this through summer mixed with muddy hills and peaks.

With the 2 minute tips, I will focus on another 3 of them, happy to take suggestions what would be useful for absolute beginners, or those considering taking up amateur radio

I’ll be taking more clansmans out, I’m considering a HF and VHF clansman operation, not backpack but using the car as base. Watch this space.

Satnogs – collecting data from the satellites is very interesting, some of the data decodes such as we’ve seen with SSTV, however much of the telemetry and experiment data is just stored. We now have the satnogs information dashboards, data to information which you can get involved in designing, This encourages people to understand what the scientific role they take or at least the house keeping data fro the satellite. Very fascinating stuff happening



2m was extremely interesting this week, with tropospheric propagation providing some DX, I picked up many beacons and activity with my APRS at home many digipeaters

Also I have been using hellschreiber (Feld Hell) this week, thanks for the comments to a previous mid week chat where we discussed different modes. I managed a contact within 60 seconds yo a station in Germany, luckily I caught this on video. I have been trying since but no luck yet. Anybody want to arrange asked I’m happy to get stuck in, just leave a comment.

Modes worth looking at:


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