Part 2 – This is going to be MAD! Multi-Mode QRO TS-2000 HF & VHF Mobile

Mobile! TS-2000, RC-2000, HF and VHF, 4-antennas. Fabulous. I have a love/hate relationship with the TS-2000 but as a general purpose shack-in-the-box, it’s worth keeping as a “toy” radio. We’re fitting this for Mobile use. I’ve decided we probably need the Linear Amplifier in the car too for HF. Originally bought for my boat, then uninstalled to the car a few years later. All this is pretty dated now but it still works, thankfully. Let’s detail my thinking, how I’m installing it and what results I’m getting. Next episode already in the can for editing shortly. Callum. M0MCX

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