AW07A HF/ VHF/ UHF 160M Impedance SWR Antenna Analyzer For Ham Radio 2VPP LOT

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Frequency range: 160M+HF+VHF+UHF

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Basic specifications:

In addition to the main functions of the antenna analyzer and the wireless frequency meter, it also has the functions of capacitance and inductance measurement estimation. It can also be equipped with an extremely simple detection coil circuit and can immediately have a notch table function. It is suitable for testing, adjustment and related experiments of a 50-ohm antenna feed system with amateur radios up to 160 m wave up to 70 cm in each amateur band.

  • 1. Frequency range: 160M+HF+VHF+UHF (with a small amount of break between 1.5-490MHz, but satisfying the continuity of the range of 1.6-56MHz and 135-175MHz and 400-470MHz)
  • 2. Output amplitude: The peak of the open circuit is about 2V.
  • 3. Standing wave value (SWR): Test range 1~10.
  • 4. Composite impedance (Z): The test range is 10~500 ohms.
  • 5. Power supply description: DC power supply with external voltage of 10.8~12.5V load current of 500mA or more, positive and negative inside DC seat, built-in 8 section 5th battery clip. It is recommended to use 10.8V built-in power supply composed of three sets of lithium batteries to reduce the weight; if using the battery clip, try to use the No. 5 battery with good alkaline sealing. Generally, the minimum charge of the rechargeable battery is 9.6V. It is best to compare the test results before confirming that there is no problem. Try to avoid power supplies higher than 13V, and the UV segment circuit may be damaged due to excessive power consumption.
    Current consumption: 10V experimental regulated power supply, the switch is in the HF band position, the LCD backlight is off, the maximum is 150mA; the backlight is turned on with a maximum current of 200mA. The UV band is about 165 mA and 240 mA, respectively.
  • 6. Screen display: Open antenna display shows SWR>9.9, Z>1KΩ. After entering the analyzer function, the first row of the screen displays the frequency value, the band switch segmentation letter, and the standing wave ratio SWR, and the second row shows the resistance R j reactance: the composite impedance Z and SWR values. The rest of the display is described in detail later.

Buttons and menu instructions:

  • Power switch PWR, up button Up, down button Down, UV band and HF band switch UV/HF, U band and V band switch U/V (this switch is only valid after UV/HF press) The switch button and a frequency selector button TUNE and their combinations complete the various test functions. The following is combined with the menu display for further explanation:

Boot function selection instructions:

  • PWR: Press this button alone to turn on the power of the analyzer. The menu displays the designer call sign and the backlight open button prompt. Press the U button for half a second to turn on the backlight. If you do not press any button, the delay will automatically enter the frequency meter after 1 second. And the antenna analyzer function selection menu.
    In addition, if you press U or D button and then turn on the power, you will enter the inductor or capacitor test state. This function can only provide reference value due to the influence of the distribution parameters and test paths of the instrument and the component to be tested. It is not used as a standard. The basis of the value, but can provide a good reference for the capacitor and inductor values ​​required for the antenna configuration.
    Up, Down: The corresponding abbreviations in the screen prompt are D and U respectively. After the power is turned on, the D-FC, U-ANT Analyzer, and DC: XX.XXV are displayed respectively. Press the D key to select the frequency meter function, press the U key to select the antenna analyzer function, and the back is the power supply voltage estimation value.

Frequency meter instructions:

  • The frequency meter is in MHz. Fg means that the fast gate displays 3 valid values ​​after the decimal point, and Sg means that the slow gate can display 4 valid values ​​after the decimal point. Press the U and D keys for a moment to switch. Although the frequency meter of this analyzer has been calibrated, there may be errors due to the difference of the waveform of the signal itself to be measured and the unstable factors of the reference source of the instrument. Do not use it as the frequency standard, but can detect the unknown machine. The transmit frequency provides an effective reference. The frequency meter gives the high-frequency voltage value corresponding to the actual reference field strength REF FS of the antenna end reaching the test circuit. It can be predicted whether the electromagnetic environment sensed by the antenna has an irresistible influence on the test result of the analyzer. If the voltage is too high, the meter cannot Providing accurate test results, the same problem exists with similar commodity analyzers. The analyzer also features an antenna-sensing signal over-voltage alarm to prevent damage to the machine.
    Note: With the frequency meter function, the UV/HF switch must be in the HF position, otherwise the screen displays FREQ.C SW Error PSE VU/HF SW UP, prompting the UV/HF switch to return to the HF position in time.

Antenna Analyzer Instructions:

  • After entering the analyzer function, the first row of the screen displays the frequency value, the band switch segmentation letter, and the standing wave ratio SWR. The second row of open circuits shows Z>1KΩ and the SWR value is >9.9. The antenna is connected to the load or works at the high end. At the time of frequency, it is displayed separately – resistance + j reactance: specific values ​​of composite impedance and SWR. Press the U or D button in the HF band to switch the band of the corresponding wavelength up and down; press UV/HF to switch to the VU segment and operate the U/V button in the UHF or VHF band.
  • The UHF band does not provide an effective impedance value, and similar commercial analyzers do not provide an effective impedance value. The AW07A provides an auxiliary signal strip corresponding to an SWR of less than 2 in addition to the SWR value in the UHF section.
  • TUNE: For the frequency control knob, the test signal frequency value can be changed continuously and widely in a wide range. It is highly recommended to use the test signal provided by the corresponding band. At the low end of the U segment, the Output Error message may be displayed, indicating that the signal range is wrong. Please turn TUNE back to the appropriate frequency range. In the U segment, the analyzer provides test values ​​in the range of at least 300MHz to 490MHz, far exceeding the performance of the expensive homogeneous analyzer in the U segment. If the same typeface appears in other bands, there may be a machine failure or a low power supply voltage. Please find out the cause in time.

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Specification: AW07A HF/ VHF/ UHF 160M Impedance SWR Antenna Analyzer For Ham Radio 2VPP LOT

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