RSGB 2021 Online Convention presentation – DXpeditions on VHF; being at the other end of the pile-up

Bernd Mischlewski, DF2ZC
Many radio amateurs dream of conducting a DXpedition at least once; being at the other end of the pile-up is very tempting. On the VHF bands – particularly on the 2m band – this can be achieved by comparably little effort. Even a rare grid square would count as suitable place for such an activity, let alone a wanted DXCC.
In this presentation Bernd, DF2ZC gives an overview of Dos and Don‘ts when planning for an activity: selecting the actual site, choosing equipment and antennas, travel, dealing with customs, licensing issues etc.
The presentation focuses on DXpeditions by single or max two operators – which can be easily made a reality. However it will also include general notes for multi operators and multi -and activities. Examples of successful VHF DXpeditions round off the presentation.

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