This tutorial will show you how to set up shipping. Currently 40 Metres offers the currencies for  the UK, Europe, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan and this goes for the Shipping as well.

Your Location – Your Choice
The first thing to understand selling on a worldwide marketplace is you choose where you want to sell to, if you just want to sell your products into the UK all you have to do is complete the shipping details for the UK Region and you are done and although customers can see your products from anywhere around the world they will not be able to checkout if you don’t offer shipping to their location.

Step One

When you first arrive at the Shipping area of your store you are greeted with the countries available that you can currently ship to if you so wish. For this example lets set up the shipping for the UK. The first thing to do is hover over the UK Zone Name and click Edit.


Step Two

Once you click Edit you arrive in the UK Zone that gives you some option that allows you to restrict to certain postcodes if required. What we then need to do is click the + Add Shipping Method

Step Three

For this example when you click +Add Shipping Method you will see Flat Rate, Local Pickup and Free Shipping and the last two are self explanatory and can be added as a method if you would like to offer them. For actual shipping you need to select Flat Rate and click Add Shipping Method 

Step Four

You now have the flat rate Shipping Method inside the UK Zone. The next thing to do is hover over the Flat Rate method title and click edit.

Step Five

This part is simple, this is where you add your shipping costs for the weights already pre built in for you. They range from 100 grams upto 20kg. In this example we would add the shipping charges to send products to UK based customers.

Step Six

The first thing to do is change the method title, in this example it has been changed to UK Shipping.

As you are adding a range of shipping prices you leave the Cost box empty (0) Once you have added all the costs you want to offer then click Save Changes

Now you have all the shipping costs set for the UK (only) and you can now add your shipping to your products.

Step Seven

With your shipping set in this way you can easily select the shipping cost for your product depending on its weight. In this example our product weights 100 grams (or less) so we select the 100 Grams Shipping Class.

Step Eight

Here we can see that when the product was added to a basket for a UK customer it charged £0.90 as the shipping cost previously entered 

Step Nine

So, now you have the shipping set for you products for your Location with this example being in the UK. However, what if you would like to sell your product to customers in the United States? Easy, all you have to now do is first find out the shipping costs to the United States for your product size and weights and replicate this example but for the Zone Name US (United States US) and this also goes for any other country you wish to sell to.

Once you have done this and a customer from (as an example) the US buys the same product the cost you put in the 100 gram class for US shipping will show.

Step Ten

NOTE* Customers can only buy your product if you offer shipping to their location. If a customer in Japan was to try and make an order with you and you do not offer shipping to Japan they will not be able to checkout!

Archived Shipping Methods

The shipping method detailed above is the new system recently implemented. The old system is still available for vendors who are still using it but it will be completely phased out in the coming months so if you are a new vendor then please use the new system available. 

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