Speed of Light & Frequency, Wavelengths and AC/DC – it’s all COOL! Part4

Today, we talk about the speed of light and how you can easily calculate the wavelegth from a frequency – and also a demo on what 2.7kHz audio sounds like. I hope you like it! Callum M0MCX.
https://rsgb.services/public/exams/specifications/2019-10-30_foundation_syllabus_2019_specification.pdf Syllabus
https://www.rsgbshop.org/acatalog/Online_Catalogue_Training_19.html Foundation Manual
https://discord.io/dxcommander DXC Discord Server
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UcU8zHrmjw&list=PLAjpQM3cGOdOC_KixMcUop85YyJutHCFx My original Foundation Playlist (2018)
https://youtu.be/XiFXQLYEuD0 Example of the Portable fun we get up to
https://youtu.be/pUz0-UToqcE More fun up in the hills

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