This is how I got back into 2m amateur radio

Like many people the 2m band at my home QTH was getting quieter and I started to leave the VHF radio switched off while I only used VHF while portable or mobile.

I started to think how much of this perceived under use was actually my home setup not being the best it could be plus not actually switching the radio on and using it. This gave me the kick up the a**e to do something about it as it was 2m that interested me the most while getting my foundation licence.

I spent some time planning and saving to improve the coax, get a better antenna and raise the antenna on a higher mast above the house. This, coupled with increasing CQ calls and now running a Sunday net has brought the joy back into the hobby.

WATCH UNTIL THE END: I added a quick recorded QSO from the Icom 820h, nice sounding radio.

I’m a licensed amateur radio operator from the United Kingdom. My YouTube channel features videos focusing on operating portable radio from various locations plus how to videos, tutorials, insights and conversations in the hobby.

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